Collagraph Prints

My printmaking reflects my impressions of the natural landscapes surrounding my home and studio. Using intricate cutting and applied textures to my collagraph plates allows me to explore the structures and forms of native wildflowers and wildlife; isolating key elements and sections of the cycle of the seasons or the character of a familiar animal or bird. The addition of drypoint work onto the plates further enhances my studies of these forms using the drawn line directly on the printing plate.

All my collagraph prints are hand pulled limited editions, usually a maximum of twenty prints in each edition. Due to the proceeses I use of hand inking, wiping and burnishing the collagraph plates, each print will be slightly different from the last making each one uniqiue.

I print onto Fabriano Rosapina 285gsm acid free paper using oil based printing inks and the numbered, signed and dated prints are then either mounted using acid free card mounts ready for framing or professionally framed into hand stained and waxed ash frames. I have chosen ash as my preferred wood for framing as the nature of the wood grain means that each frame has a unique grain direction, again adding to the individuality of the work.

Please click on the individual images below to find out more detail about the prints.